If you have a website, SEO is an essential component you absolutely must ensure is working at its best. Otherwise, no one is going to find your site. Sadly, many companies have probably gone out of business for this reason while lesser competitors pulled in profits simply because they had better SEO drawing people to their site. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead find an SEO company to handle this important feature for you.

Set a Budget

There’s no end to the amount of money you could spend on an SEO company. Obviously, some will have minimums you need to spend as well. So at the very beginning, look at how much you can actually afford to spend on SEO and then don’t move from this. Later on, it might make sense to add resources to the budget, but right now be disciplined. Otherwise, SEO companies will have an easy time selling you countless features. Also, keep in mind what the prices will be for certain search markets. For example, a St. Louis SEO expert will be a lot more expensive than someone from Kansas City!

Do a Basic Search

This might sound flip, but start off by doing a Google search for local SEO companies. You absolutely do not need to go with a local option, but doing so does come with a few benefits. Face-to-face time can help a lot when you first start out. Many SEO companies will even provide you a free education of sorts just to help you better appreciate what they do.

Again, this isn’t essential. Another search to do is “SEO company + your industry.” So if you’re in the vending machine business, you’d want to find SEO companies that had experience helping people in your field.

Reach Out and Make Contact

When you contact an SEO company, you need to provide them with some basic information. This includes what industry you’re in, what you hope to accomplish and how much you’d like to spend.
The more information you provide, the better a consultation they can offer you and this is what you’re going to ask for at the beginning. You want these companies to sell you on their services and they should do this by explaining how they plan on helping you get to the first page of Google for popular keywords.

Avoid any SEO companies that don’t take the time to provide you with a custom consultation. Many will essentially cut and paste copy from their website. If they don’t have enough time to handle this step seriously, you shouldn’t expect that that will change in the future.

Compare Results

This step can be difficult, especially if you’re an SEO novice. But essentially what you want to do is gather the results you received from prospective companies and see where they differ—and they most likely will. As it turns out some SEO agencies or many midwest companies can be better than ones you have in your hometown!

Follow up with these companies and ask questions. Find out why one said to do x while the other recommended y. Be respectful, obviously, and don’t put anyone on the spot. But you’re planning on spending good money with these companies and that obliges you to do some digging.

Ask About Consequences

Some SEO companies may guarantee their work. The thing is SEO is more an art than an exact science. So it would be impossible for an SEO company to say, “we can put you in the number five spot on Google’s first results page for the keyword, ‘soda vending machines’ within three weeks.”

However, they should be able to give you some idea of the results you can expect. For example, a good SEO company will say, “in six months, we’ll have you on page one for that keyword.”
That’s great! But what if they fail? The company should have an “or else” clause tagged onto the end. Will you get your money back? Will you get some kind of discount? It’s important that there be some kind of consequence for them.

Short Contracts

Along the same lines, you should favor companies that have shorter contracts. Month-to-month would be ideal and even worth paying a bit extra for at the beginning. This way if an SEO company just isn’t producing results, you can pick up stakes and move on without having wasted a lot of money (but hopefully a bit wiser).

Finding the right SEO company is a process that will require an investment of time on your part, but if done correctly, it will be well worth it.

Creating your very first website is sometimes a difficult process, depending upon prior skills that you may have already developed. You may understand how to manipulate WordPress blogs, adding plug-ins and themes, allowing you to create a website in a matter of minutes. You might also have an understanding of how to use FTP, allowing you to upload all of the images related to the products that you are going to sell. These are very basic skills that some people possess that have been doing online marketing for quite some time. However, technology is continually changing, modifying in new and innovative ways, things that you may not be able to keep up on as time passes by. However, if you don’t, you could find yourself losing ground in regard to the appearance of your website, it’s functionality, and definitely in regard to how easy it is to rank your websites online. Although search engine optimization is something that you might be able to do as well, this is something that you should leave to the experts. But more importantly, is necessary to have a fully functional professional website in order to convey trust and confidence in the products you are selling today. This article will address how technology and web design can work together to help you create a much more professional website, one that the search engine spiders will also want to rank higher in the search engine rankings helping you to make more money.

The Basics Of Web Design

There are two specific components of web design that people need to think about when it comes to generating a profit online. One aspect has to do with the search engine optimization aspect and the other has to do with its appearance. As just mentioned, optimizing your website can lead to better rankings, something that is often better left up to professionals in this field. As quickly as the algorithms are changed by Google, you need to work with someone that has their pulse on these changes, making sure that you are updating your website appropriately. Yet it is the design of the website in regard to its appearance, and it’s functionality, that many people often forget about. They might think that the products that they are selling, regardless of how they are displayed, or how easy they are to find on their website, plays a very small role in regard to how much money they can make online. It is only after several months of dismal sales that they may realize it is time to find a professional web design company to help them resolve this problem. I know this happened to me and I went with the company with the slogan We are TG. Read on to discover how the professional company can help extremely well.

Using A Professional Web Design Business

Speaking of technology, those that are professionals with web design are using the latest software in order to create absolutely phenomenal templates for any type of product that you can imagine. They will have programs like Photoshop that will allow them to create excellent images that will help you present your business and products in a very professional way. You can’t simply download a free image editing software program, or use one that comes for free on Microsoft Windows, or even your Mac, and expect to get the same results. By working with these individuals that will also have the latest software for building websites, you will end up with an excellent final product that will make it easy for people to add products into their shopping cart, find what they need, helping you to make more sales. Technology is also involved with online marketing, something we will discuss next.

Technology And Website Optimization

Aside from making your website look good, it should also be appealing to the search engines as they send their spiders and bots to see what else that you have recently uploaded. Your ability to appease these digital invaders, as they comb through your existing content, can be done in part by having a silo structured site. In the same way that people look for products by sifting through related categories, the search engine bots will do the same. This is how they will be able to move through your website, look at all of the keywords that you are using, and the many different aspects of good search engine optimization, helping the algorithm to make a decision as to where to place you on the serps. There are some software programs that can help you do this, but if you want to save time, and have a job done right the first time around, you should utilize the services of a professional that has all of the latest software, and the expertise necessary, to create a professional site that both Google and your visitors will love.

The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

This final step is really what makes everything work to your advantage, helping you to maintain your positioning on the web. If you are using professionals to design your website, and also to optimize it using the latest software, there is something you need to do on your end. Apart from moving on to another project that they can help you with, you need to maintain your website with consistent content. By adding new articles on a regular basis, this will give the search engine spiders a reason to come back, reevaluate what they find, and this can help you either maintain your position on the web, or even move higher allowing you to generate more traffic.

Now that you understand the benefit of using professionals that have the latest technology in regard to software that can help you with not only optimizing your website, but creating a professional design, you should see the benefit of spending this upfront money so that you can create a long-term business that will continue to generate money for many months or years to come. It also alleviates any stress on your part in regard to staying up with the latest changes that need to be made, allowing you to focus on running your business which is the goal of every online or real-world business owner.

Have you ever heard of a bioethanol fireplace? There is a new technology that has the fireplace market talking. The new bioethanol fireplace is becoming very popular, but why is it so popular? One of the main reasons why this fireplace is so popular is because it does not require flue or any other connections. It also doesn’t require chimney. Therefore, you can move them around and put them wherever you desire.

In fact these new fireplaces are redefining the way people live outdoors. If fireplace is normally been associated with indoor spaces but these new popular fireplaces are finding their way outdoors. This outdoor fireplace will create a year-round ambience and warmth for all of your friends and family.

Obviously, if you go and check out these remarkable fireplaces at your local building supply store you will find a salesperson who will tell you all about the wonderful pro of an ethanol fireplace. While these innovative fireplaces do have a lot of pros it is always a good thing to do some research and know both the pros and the cons. This will help you to make a wise final decision before you purchase one.

To begin with we should establish some of the negative aspects to an ethanol fireplace. The first thing that should be mentioned is that this type of fireplace is not a source of primary heat. It will not sufficiently heat up your home like a traditional fireplace would. It will generate between 2 and 4 kW which is the equivalent of a radiator.

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to these unique fireplaces. On the low end of the scale you can purchase an ethanol fireplace for as little as $100. On the upscale you can purchase one of these fireplaces for as much as $2000. However, you need to consider which of these two units is safer. Obviously, the one that cost more is safer.

Manufacturers in China are producing the cheaper models so that they can sell their product to homeowners who are on a tight budget. To cut the costs of the fireplace, these manufacturers will need to compromise on quality when it comes to the finish and the materials being used. Many of these materials and finish are not designed to hold the heat that this fireplace produces.

Therefore, you should avoid these cheap fireplaces because of safety issues. Always make sure that the fireplace is certified and tested. Never purchase a burner system that uses a buildup on cups. There is a danger that the ethanol liquid could spill and liquid could ignite. This will not happen if you purchase a traditional ethanol burner system.


One of the disadvantages of using the system indoors is that it consumes oxygen. Therefore you need to make sure that you have fresh air that enters into the room on occasion. If you are in a room where there is no access to a fresh air intake then you should probably not use an ethanol fireplace in that area for more than an hour.

There are some safety issues that you should consider when using this type of fireplace. Like all fireplaces you do not want to be careless when using it. For example, while the unit is burning you should never poor ethanol on it. You need to treat this fireplace with respect because accidents can happen you are careless.

However, it should be stated that there are also many pros to these new ethanol fireplaces. If you’re not considering this fireplace as your primary source of heating then once again you should invest only in a product that is safe and tested. This product is a simple device and there is no need to have a chimney or a complicated installation. Having a fireplace that is mobile as many benefits as you can take it from room to room or outside.

Another advantage is that an ethanol fireplace while burning does not emit any dangerous fumes. The ethanol fuel is so clean that it only produces a little amount of carbon dioxide and water. Another advantage is that you will never have to clean up any ashes. The liquid that remains will vaporize. Therefore you will never get any soot on your ceilings or walls.

Another pro that can be added to the list is the ease of use. When you use a traditional fireplace you need to chop wood and then bring it into the house. Also, many homeowners have a hard time getting the fire started in a traditional fireplace. With an ethanol fireplace you take the ethanol bottle and poured into the burner and set it on fire with a long later. Flame will be visible in just a few moments. Therefore, you can have the fire going just for your company arrives.

Also, this fireplace is something that you can take to your new home if ever you sell your existing house. There are many retail outlets that carry a variety of these fireplaces in all types of different styles. These different styles and colors will fit any home’s décor. Or you can online like at this website, http://www.archilovers.com/stories/6819/ethanol-fireplaces.html.

Obviously, every homeowner will need to decide if an ethanol fireplace is something that they want to purchase were there home. There are many interesting articles on the Internet that can help you to make your decision. Many of these articles will allow you to become familiar with specific brands and how each of these brands are manufactured.

There are also other articles that will help you to understand the different types of certifications that are recommended for an ethanol fireplace. As mentioned earlier there is a large range between the price of a high-end ethanol fireplace and one that is poorly constructed. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure you purchase a product that is both safe and of the highest quality. Everyone enjoys sitting around a fire and this unit has a wonderful potential to provide you and your family without enjoyment.

You ever wanted to obtain your pilot’s license? It may have been a dream of yours for several years, but you have not taken the time to get this done. It does cost a little bit of money, or a lot of money depending upon your budget, just to get your initial license to fly planes by yourself. If your plan is to one day be paid for your ability to fly, you have to obtain either a class I or class II pilots license. Each one of those is referred to as a hired to fly, or paid to fly, pilots license respectively. In this article we will discuss what type of training you will have to go through in order to get your pilot’s license for each one, the most cost effective way to accomplish this in the shortest amount of time, and also the aircraft maintenance tracking that you will need to learn about.

Class III Pilots Licenses

A class III pilots license, also called a PPL, is the very first one that you must obtain and can be done all over the country. You simply have to find a pilot that has a class I or class II license that is offering lessons and that is certified to train others to fly. The cost of doing so will cost about $5000, and you will be billed for every hour that you are in flight. If you are not able to do at least one lesson a week, this is something that you should probably avoid. The faster that you get this done, the quicker you will learn, and the more that you will retain. There is a test that you have to pass which is called the theoretical flight school exam. It’s not very hard to do, being that it is a 60 question multiple-choice test that most people will be able to pass right away. So if you do have a spare three months where you can devote a lot of your time and energy into learning how to fly, you can get this first pilots license out-of-the-way and move on to the next.


Class II Pilots License

Once you have your class III, it’s time to move on to the next license which is where you will become a commercial pilot. This is a little different in that you will have to get what is called an instrument rating, something that will require a minimum of 50 hours of cross-country flying. In some cases, you can do simulated flying which can allow you to get the feel for long-distance flights. The hardest part for many people is taking off and landing, whereas other people have trouble keeping everything stable and level during the flight. All of these problems will be addressed by your flight instructor, allowing you to become proficient enough to receive your class to license and allow others to hire you to fly.

Class I Pilots License

The final license that you will want to achieve if you want to become a commercial airline pilot working for one of the many airlines around the world is a license that allows you to fly for hire. There is quite a bit of training that goes into this as these are very large aircraft which, depending upon how old they are, the size of the actual airliner, and the country or countries that you will be flying in, this is an extensive amount of training that must be completed. Although many people realize that commercial airlines are flown primarily by autopilot, and even the takeoffs and landings are computer controlled for the most part, you still need to have an understanding of how to fly a plane of this size in case things go wrong.

Once you have gone through all of your flight training, you will be able to achieve the objective of becoming a pilot that can fly for money. Even if your only goal is to have a class III pilots license so that you can take a Cessna up to enjoy the landscape around you, something that many people enjoy if they live in a rural community with a small airport, you will be able to do all of this, and much more, once you have gone through flight training designed to help you get the pilots license that you desire.

A narrow lot can be a challenge when it comes to building the home of your dreams, but that does not mean that you will not end up with the home you really want. Narrow lot house plans just mean that you need to be a little bit more creative with your ideas. There are several points in particular that you should be mindful of when you are thinking about building a home on a narrow lot, so keep this list in mind when you are shopping around for your need home.


If you cannot get the house you want by spreading out over one level, can you achieve it by dividing the house into two or even three stories instead? The only time this is going to be of issue is if the local council has a height restriction on home buildings because going too high will block out the scenic view of those homes around you. Otherwise, you should not come across too many restrictions embracing this concept.

An example of how this design can work particularly well is if the garage and laundry are placed on the ground level. The second level contains the kitchen, living area, and a semi bathroom. The top level contains the bedrooms and a full bathroom. This means that the parents can enjoy time in the living areas, while the kids are in bed at night sleeping. Plus, the cars still get the garaging they need so they are not exposed to harsh weather.



Narrow lot house plans mean that the distance from one side of the house to the other is not large. And, if you break this up with a lot of walls then you may create a closed in, almost claustrophobic space in some rooms.

For the main family gathering places, such as the kitchen and living rooms, keep these areas as open plan as you can. While you may not want to have them completely without boundaries, you could place a half wall, for example, between the kitchen and living area to create that specified boundary without closing the kitchen in. Using a breakfast bar area is another way you can create definition between the kitchen and living areas, and this is a versatile area that can be used by busy family members who do not have time to sit down at the table to eat their breakfast.

If your house plans include a lot of windows so that the home feels light and spacious, this light can extend right through the house from one side to the other when you use open plan or half wall ideas. The more light, the more spacious the home appears to be. The more walls you have, however, the darker the rooms could potentially come.


Since floor space is at an absolute premiums in a narrow home, it is important that your plans provide for a lot of storage space. This is particularly true in the kitchen because you want to keep as much as possible off your kitchen benches so that they are not cluttered with gadgets. Instead, cupboards that are built up as high as possible will mean that the area around you feels clean and uncluttered.


If you can, add a patio or sunroom at the back of the house. This will be of great use during the summer months when you can fire up the BBQ to cook, and escape from the kitchen. A sunroom can also double as a hideaway in the winter for those who want to crawl onto the daybed with a blanket and a good book. Making an area like this dual purpose means that you are giving your family members more places to spread out into.

A narrow land lot does not mean that you need to give up on the home of your dreams, it just means you need to be more careful about the design you choose. A home designer that knows how to effectively plan a home on a narrow lot will be your best friend if you find yourself in this situation. You just need to get creative.

The Internet has evolved quite a bit in the last several years, something that is common with anything in our technological age. If you think back 30 years ago, when computers were first being introduced into homes, the small amounts of memory that was available, the ability to run programs and software, or the portability of computers and the technology used on them has come quite a distance. In the same way, people that design websites have evolved exponentially, going from simple one-page HTML websites to the elaborate shopping carts that you see on major websites like Amazon. Your ability to create a multipage website on your own, using PHP WordPress scripts allows virtually anyone to become a subtle expert at creating websites on-the-fly. Let’s take a look at the type of technology that is available today for web designers that is helping them to create some of the most beautiful and innovative web designs available.


Software For Web Design

If you are a novice, and you go on the Internet, you’re bound to find some of the companies that have been around for several years that many people have used successfully to create websites on their own. Some of the best ones are Wix, CoffeeCup, and Xara which have quite a track record for online sales and consistent improvements that have been going on for about a decade. If you want to get something from Microsoft, you can find Microsoft Expression, one of the more widely used software products for creating websites that you can either purchase on the web or at your local Office Depot. Many of the major players including GoDaddy and Google also make it very easy for people to find a way to create a website in just a few minutes. All you need is the content does the website creation is point-and-click, creating the perfect WYSIWYG experience. But for those that are professionals, using the best possible software is a must when it comes to the creation of graphics, the usability of the website in regard to presenting and storing information on multiple products, and also making it very easy to navigate. Thus they can look at some of these software programs that pros all over the web are using to create professional websites.

Professional Grade Software for Web Designers

One of the best known names in regard to high end software for graphics, videos, and website design is Adobe. Their products are not cheap, and they take a high level of expertise in order to run them, sometimes requiring entire semesters at a college in order to understand the latest update. These products include After Effects if you are working with motion graphics for a website, Dreamweaver which is the main product for not only creating websites, but is also used for mobile app design, is one of the top programs that is used today in order to help people get professional sites done. Most people make the mistake of purchasing this expensive software, thinking that they will be able to create something truly awe-inspiring, but it is not a WYSIWYG HTML generator. It is designed for professionals that have the expertise to use what it’s able to do, and it is because it is so complicated that only professionals, or those that have years of experience using the software, should use it to create websites of any shape or size. My kansas city web designers always use adobe and I ALWAYS love their end result.

The Advent Of Social Media And Mobile Apps

One important development that has come up in recent years is the popularity of mobile phones. The reason that mobile phones are so popular is because of the innovations started by Apple computer years ago, copied by Samsung, and is now a standard with many people that have phones today. In fact, it is becoming more common for people to have a smart phone than it is to have a flip phone. People have become used to watching television on their phones, having conversations through online videos with friends and relatives, and virtually doing everything with a phone that fits in a pocket. They also surf the web, and because of this trend of going on the web from a smart phone, your website needs to be mobile ready. The same is true for social media, with the popularity of websites like Facebook and Twitter, that send people to different videos and websites throughout the day, if you’re not able to follow through to a website, load it on your browser, and use an application that is designed to help you see the website on the smaller screen, it can actually hurt your sales. That’s why the new technology that has been created today for website design always incorporates the ability to not only interact with social media, but also present websites on the smaller screens on smart mobile phones. It is a trend that has become very common place, but is very difficult to do, unless you have the proper software to use and if you’re using a professional web design team that can incorporate this technology into the site that you own so that you can increase your sales.

As with all things on the Internet, it is always important to stay ahead of changes that are to come. You have to get a site for your web design company like this one http://who4design.com. It really helps for visibility! The Internet moves at lightning speed, and if you are not able to update your website to keep up with the changes, you could be losing money every day with your business. That’s why new technology needs to be always at the forefront of the way that you design your website to be used by your customers. Mobile ready websites, the ability to interact with social media, and designing websites with high end software such as that which is available from Adobe, allows you to keep up with changes and adapt accordingly. Although it is possible for you to try to do this on your own, as directions do come with most software programs, and you can watch tutorials on the web, it could take you literally weeks to become adept enough at using the new software that is available to keep up with trends of the day, and therefore using a professional is always your best bet for creating the most versatile website that can be accessed by desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

Marketing has come a long way in the last few years. In fact, a few decades ago, we were limited to a few resources that allowed us to generate sales from the products that we wanted to sell. We could take an ad out in the local classifieds attempting to attract potential customers. We could place ads in magazines which were much more expensive. It was also possible to go to your local print shop and have several hundred flyers printed which could be distributed throughout our immediate neighborhood. Most of our efforts with marketing had to do with what we were able to accomplish within our immediate area, and through some venues of national advertising, we could attract customers through the process of mail order or having them send checks. Today, marketing is dramatically different primarily because of technological advances that have occurred in the last decade or so that has allowed us to become interconnected with the world. In fact, technology has made it much more affordable for people to do marketing than ever before. In this article, we will discuss how technology has advanced marketing to such a degree that it is possible for the average person, even working out of their house, to generate a substantial revenue on the Internet.

For a great example of how someone has used internet marketing to there advantage then go to purse-obsession.com!


Search Engine Marketing

When Google first came out, there were no advertisements. It was simply a website where you could search and find information on topics you are interested in. In the same way that Facebook progressed, creating a website that people enjoyed visiting, it was not until the user base numbered in the millions that these websites introduced advertising. It is possible today to place an ad on Google or Facebook and target very specific demographics, allowing you to drive targeted visitors to your website to make sales from all over the world. People that used to be limited to marketing within their own city can now tap into the worldwide audience that is made possible by the Internet. Instead of using search engine advertising, you can also rank your website using what is called search engine optimization. You can either do SEO yourself to boost your website, as well as individual pages, to the top of the search engines for specific keywords, or you can pay SEO experts and companies to do this for you allowing you to focus on your business.

A great example of SEO is @ Moz.com


Video Marketing Online

When Google decided to purchase YouTube in its infancy for over $1 billion, many people were astounded by such a substantial investment. What Google understood was that the trend was moving away from finding information that was printed to watching videos instead. Due to the relationship between Google and YouTube, if you are able to make videos and upload them to YouTube, it is actually very easy to rank for specific keywords. Obviously, keywords that are three words in length or shorter are much more difficult to rank for because there is so much competition, but long tail keywords that are longer than three keywords in length, are actually very easy to position on the first page of the search engines for the keywords that you are targeting. There are other video sites including Vimeo and and Dailymotion can also be used to achieve top rankings. The key is to make videos that are not only providing the information that people want, but to make them interactive and fun to watch so that people will begin to share them across the web. The viral nature of videos actually makes them a much more potent form of advertising because not only can you upload them for free, when they are shared by thousands of people, you will generate tens of thousands of visitors without any ad spend on your part.

Social Networks

Although we have already mentioned Facebook, which is the largest social network in the world with over 1 billion users, viral marketing is also a large part of what Facebook has to offer. The same is true for other social networks including Twitter and Instagram which allow users to post and upload videos, all of which can be shared creating viral traffic. As these websites have progressed, especially with Facebook and Twitter, you can also buy paid advertising on these websites. When you buy an ad, or you promote a post, it’s actually a way of kickstarting the viral nature of social networks by placing your information in front of thousands of people that can potentially share it with millions. Therefore, social networks seem to be the trend toward which most marketers on the web are moving toward because of the sheer volume of people that participate in social media everyday and can potentially send thousands of visitors to your website by virtue of sharing your posts and videos.

Of course Facebook is the leading social network :).

Technology In Marketing Is Here To Stay

Although having the ability to write excellent sales copy is essential for making sales with products that are sold on the web, or being able to create creatives on Google Adwords that will convert more visitors into buyers is very important, the use of technology in marketing today is what drives online marketers, as well as off-line businesses, toward using what only modern technology has made possible. By using the Internet to your advantage, and utilizing services such as SEO marketing, video marketing and the viral nature of social media, marketing has gone from something that was only possible through newspapers and magazines to a medium which literally connects you with the world. The best benefit of all is that not only are you able to interact with a larger audience for a much lower price than you would have had to have paid with traditional advertising, the viral nature of videos and posts that can be shared worldwide gives you the ability to send thousands of visitors to your websites and offers everyday without actually having to spend a single dime. The power of technology, especially in correlation with the Internet, has taken marketing to a completely new level. If you are interested in increasing your revenue this year, learn to utilize all that technology in marketing has to offer.

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